2017 - AEC Data and Standards Roundtable

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The previous BIM4Real event

We are considering putting on a roundtable event sometime later in 2017 on the subject of Data Management and Standards within the BIM Level 2 process. The initial event will likely be in London, but BIM Regions have offered to explore putting repeats of the event on in other locations as well, if it proves popular

Other than a short presentation at the start to frame the discussion, this event will not have any presentations, and will afford plenty of opportunity to network during and after the event, as well as discuss the specifics of the agenda

The previous BIM4Real event

We will set an agenda closer to the time, and we are looking for agenda suggestions in your registration of interest, but it will include topics such as
- The data source.
- Data at survey stage and capture of data
- Maintenance of data
- Lexicon and Digital Dictionaries
- Alignment to data schemas and standards
- Working towards a common digital language
- Use of data for multiple purposes, including production of client deliverables like COBie and use within the design and construction process
- Regional (languages etc.) and discipline requirements
- Working with the supply chain and manufacturers
- Data validation Processes

Each table will have a chair person will summarise the findings of that table. We may also seek to produce a White Paper from the results, which will be freely available to all

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